The MacLean Advantage:

Based upon the highly successful MacLean Series 900 Scissor Bolter, the SSB Small Section Bolter is the ground support solution for smaller mine openings. The benefits of safety, productivity, versatility and quality of installation again combine to provide the ideal tool for the mine development cycle and rehabilitation operations.


  • Offers significant productivity savings (one man operation for bolting and meshing)
  • Permits drilling and bolt insertion from a safe working environment
  • Eliminates safety hazards of hand held drilling
  • Multiple types of ground support hardware can be installed without loss of productivity
  • Sequential bolting ring set-ups can be made from the drilling and bolting platform
  • Storage space for all material to complete a shift’s work


  • Self-propelled, heavy duty four wheel drive articulated mine carrier
  • Hydraulic positioning, rock drilling/bolting systems
  • Electric-hydraulic control system
  • On-board storage for bolting supplies
  • Provides scaling deck at optimum height
  • Hydraulic rock drilling
  • Remote Drive System
  • Drilling and bolting functions controlled from a remote location
  • Telescopic feed to fit single pass drilling in low clearance areas


  • Development drifts and tunnels – 3.35m (11 ft) to 4.50m (14.5 ft) high; minimum width 3.05m (10 ft)
  • Installation of mechanical rock bolts, resin rebar, Split Set®, Swellex®, Dywidag®, and cable bolts
  • Installation of screen or wire mesh
  • Long hole drilling for test holes or cable bolting
  • Rock bolt installation from invert to invert
  • Parallel vertical drilling across 42” (1.04m) width


Length 8.41 m (331”)
Width 1.83 m (72”)
Height 2.29 m (90”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.02 m (198”)
Turning radius (outside) 7.21 m (284”)
Shipping weight 20,400 kg (45,000 lbs)

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