The MacLean Advantage:

MacLean Engineering is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of its signature ground support solution, the new, ultra-versatile 975 Omnia Bolter.

The 975 Omnia Bolter delivers a cutting-edge ground support solution for almost any application context. Gen-3 drill feeds with high-durability wear guides, a single-bolt bolt handler, and an increased 3,000 lb. deck payload can now be combined with a wide range of options that provide customers with the utmost in flexibility to match the unit with their specific ground conditions and mining method. Battery power, high-reach, resin injection, and/or a seven foot-wide deck configuration all position the 975 Omnia to offer the signature MacLean safety, durability and productivity in response to varying and evolving ground support requirements and operational business drivers across the global hard rock industry.


  • Operating protocol prevents exposure to loose rock hazards
  • Versatility of ground support installation – bolt type and length
  • Quality of ground support installation – visual inspection ground conditions
  • Productivity of ground support installation – operator line of sight
  • Physical effort and fatigue are minimized compared to traditional rock bolting methods
  • Single-operator design
  • Transverse feed enables drilling and bolting of a complete ring from a single set-up
  • Single pass drilling allows for rapid installation of bolts
  • High-capacity storage for a full shift of bolting supplies


  • Self-propelled, high speed four-wheel drive articulated carrier
  • Electric hydraulic control system with remote drive capability on-deck
  • Hydraulic positioning, rock drilling/bolting systems
  • Multiple types of bolts can be installed (resin or cemented grout rebar, Split Set® and Swellex® bolts, mechanical anchor, friction bolts)
  • Long hole drilling capability
  • Proven heavy duty scissor lift mechanism
  • 3000 lbs. (1361 kg) deck payload capacity
  • Forward-shifting hydraulic deck
  • High-reach deck as option
  • Resin injection as option
  • Battery power as option – tramming and drilling/bolting
  • Seven-foot deck configuration available


  • Long hole drilling for test holes or cable bolting
  • Rock bolt installation from invert to invert
  • Maximum stinging height of 7.5m with high-reach deck option
  • Optimum back coverage of 6m (20ft)
  • Optimum wall coverage of 5m (16.5ft)  wide heading from single setup
  • 1.32m transverse feed travel


975 Omnia Bolter
Length 9.70 m (382”)
Width 2.55 m (102”)
Height 2.59 m (102”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.49 m (216”)
Turning radius (outside) 8.39 m (330”)
Shipping weight 22,000kg (48,500 lbs)

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