The MacLean Advantage:

Efficient scaling of loose rock from mine walls, backs and faces is of prime importance for underground production safety and productivity. The MacLean mobile RS3 Scaler is the latest addition to the MacLean ground support fleet. Combining MacLean quality, ruggedness and performance with industry-leading ergonomics and all-round operator visibility, the RS3 Scaler is the unit for reliable ground control.


  • Secure ground control with mechanised scaling
  • Ergonomic ROPS/FOPS enclosed deluxe cab with all-round visibility provides utmost safety and faster scaling operation cycle
  • Interchangeable from hydraulic rock breaker hammer to pick attachment for high quality scaling with a single unit
  • Long reach articulated boom and dual rotary actuators help scale at safe and convenient angles
  • Optional radio controls for remote operation


  • Self-propelled, heavy duty four-wheel drive articulated carrier
  • Scaling from one set-up, max. scale height 7.5 m (295”)
  • 800 ft-lbs MB10 -Hydraulic rock scaler hammer
  • ROPS/FOPS cab with AC, particularly designed for all round visibility
  • Articulated heavy-duty boom and dual rotary actuators
  • Optional pick attachment


RS3 Scaler
Empty 17,000 kg (39,000 lbs)
Width 2.30 m (90 7/8”)
Length 9.07 m (357”)
Tramming height 2.6 m (102”)
Steering angle +/- 40°
Inside turning radius 4.01 m (158”)
Outside turning radius 6.60 m (261”)
Stabilizing jacks 0.41 m (16”)
Rock Scaler
MacLean MB10 Scaler
Energy Class 1100 joules (800 ft – lbs)
Working steel 68 mm (2.68”)

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