The MacLean Advantage:

Designed to eliminate ore flow blockages and release trapped reserves above the draw point brow safely and effectively. Built for the tough underground environment. Equipped with radio and video systems. These machines provide the solution to attacking high boulder hang-ups without endangering the mine workers.


  • Provides safe and effective procedure for the removal of “Hang Up” blockages in drawpoints
  • Highly mobile to provide improved productivity
  • Eliminates negative effect of concussion blasting on the drawpoint structure
  • Maintenance costs of drawpoints reduced
  • Reduced cost for air, water and electric services
  • Reduced secondary blasting costs
  • Ore pass and crusher blasting can be virtually eliminated
  • Reduction in LHD maintenance costs. Better ore grade control
  • Total recovery of ore increased


  • Fully self-contained drilling system; no air or water services necessary
  • Wireless tramming, drilling and charging controls
  • Radio and video system designed for underground environment
  • Hydraulic rock drilling
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Both bulk emulsion and pre-packaged explosives delivery systems can be fitted to a single machine
  • High powered electronically controlled engine option
  • Reliable, proven power train components
  • Four wheel drive carrier


  • Sublevel cave mining
  • Block cave mining
  • Induced cave mining
  • Longhole blasthole mining
  • Vertical crater retreat mining
  • Pillar recovery blasts
  • Radio remote LHD operations

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