The MacLean Advantage:

Safe and efficient breaking of ore flow blockage is of prime importance for sustained underground production and profitability, particularly in block cave mines. The MacLean mobile rock breaker is the latest addition to the MacLean fleet of ore flow equipment and, with it, companies now have a one-stop solution for all their block cave mine production needs. Combining MacLean-quality ruggedness and performance with industry-leading ergonomics and all-round operator visibility, the RB3 is truly a groundbreaker.


  • Oversize fragmented at source without damage to draw point infrastructure and minimizing blockages in the ore flow system downstream
  • Eliminates non-productive boulder re-handling by LHDs
  • Improvement in LHD Maintenance cost and their availability
  • Increased Stope area productivity
  • Provides real-time rockbreaking capability without need for explosives and associated negative effects of blasting on mine infrastructure and ventilation


  • Self-propelled 4 wheel drive articulated carrier
  • Heavy-duty frame construction
  • Heavy-duty breaker 5000 ft-lb with excavator style boom and swivel mount
  • Lateral seat traverse and all-round visibility for better operator control and comfort
  • Joystick control for superior ergonomics
  • Radio Remote control option
  • Optional Dust suppression system


  • Mobile rock breaking at draw points or ore flow passage without blasting
  • Reduce boulder size for safer and economic handling


Engine Mercedes 904  147 hp( 110 kW) @ 2200
Transmission Dana 32000 Powershift – 3 speed F/ R
Axles Dana 113/ 114;  +/- 10° Power end oscillation
Rockbreaker MacLean MB50  5000 ft-lb or 6800 J
Tramming Height 102”    (2.6 m)
Width 92”    (2.33 m)
Operating Weight 39 000 lbs   (17 700 kg)

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