The battery powered Mine-Mate™ AG3 EV Agitator is an integral part of the wet shotcrete process with the ability to mix concrete with a high capacity. As a high-speed transporter, it is designed for the underground mining environment.



  • Battery powered carrier offers zero-emissions, enhances safety, reduces maintenance, and saves on ventilation costs.
  • Regenerative braking down-ramp provides up to 35% energy recuperation, and acts as a retarder to reduce excessive wear on service brakes
  • Operator friendly hydraulic discharge door and large oval charging ports for convenient setup
  • Fast, efficient, and safe personnel transportation system
  • Secure, comfortable ride from standard chassis suspension
  • Low cost, dependable mine supply vehicle


  • 5 cubic yards (6.0 m3) concrete payload.
  • 100% fill @ 9.5 cubic yards (7.3 m³)
  • Drum rotation speed 0 to 18 rpm
  • Self-propelled, four-wheel drive articulated steer carrier with a heavy duty frame construction.
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Automatic Brake Application (ABA) with manual reset
  • Charging design carries on-board or off-board charging
  • Canopy and enclosed cab operators compartment options


Weight and dimensions:


  • Empty 18,150 kg (40,000 lbs)
  • Width 2.59 m (102″ )
  • Length 10 m (403″ )
  • Tramming Height 2.67 m (105″)
  • Steering Angle +/- 40°
  • Inside Turning Radius 4.83 m (190″)
  • Outside Turning Radius 7.93 m (312″)


  • Bulk transport of wet shotcrete/concrete for ground support or construction applications
  • Transportation between surface and underground levels via internal ramp network
  • Mixing of dry, bulk or packaged mixes to be able to supply wet-mix shotcrete in mines where a slick line is not available
  • Allows fibers, pozzolans and chemicals to be added underground and thoroughly mix before application

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