The MacLean Advantage:

Mining methods today require a dust-free environment underground. The battery powered MacLean Mine-Mate™ WS3 EV Water Sprayer is equipped with three spray bars helping to reduce the amount of dust in the air, maintaining respiratory health and proper equipment function.



  • Battery powered carrier offers zero-emissions, enhances safety, reduces maintenance, and saves on ventilation costs.
  • Regenerative braking down-ramp provides up to 35% energy recuperation, and acts as a retarder to reduce excessive wear on service brakes
  • High energy density and cycle life (4,000-14,000 charges @ 80% DOD)
  • Significant water capacity and nozzle placement to ensure maximum dust suppression effectiveness


  • 7,500 L (2,000 US gal) carrying capacity of water
  • Charging design carries on-board or off-board charging
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Automatic Brake Application (ABA) with manual reset
  • l Heavy duty tank with baffles and clean out covers
  • l Three spray bars with nozzles to spray floor and walls
  • l Individual sprayer bar controls conveniently located in the Operator’s Compartment
  • l Dependable hydraulic centrifugal driven pumps


  • Empty 16,300 kg (36,000 lbs)
  • Width 2.44 m (96″ )
  • Length 9.2 m (362″)
  • Tramming Height 2.46 m (97″)
  • Steering Angle +/- 40°
  • Inside Turning Radius 5.77 m (227″)
  • Outside Turning Radius 8.56 m (337″)


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