The MacLean Advantage:

A cost effective and highly productive solution for delivering high-explosive emulsion to blast holes. The Mine-Mate™ Series EC3 is specifically designed to the exacting standards necessary for the transport and pumping of bulk emulsion in the underground work environment. The bulk pumping system can also be configured as a cassette package for easy removal when doing preventative maintenance or repairs.



  • Wide coverage from single set-up
  • Pre-programmed, variable charging densities and pump rates
  • Improvement in primary blast efficiency controls fragmentation and maintains stope integrity; reduction in secondary breaking requirements
  • Productivity improvements, especially in up-hole loading
  • Material handling advantages
  • Auxiliary pumping system enables in-stope resupply of emulsion product
  • Reduced environmental impact from spillage and contamination
  • Reduction in overall mining costs through drill pattern expansion, improved breakage, reduced manpower requirements and increased LHD productivity
  • Long life power train using proven Caterpillar components
  • Ease of maintenance with electronic engine diagnostics, accessible fuel filling and grease points
  • Clean burning, fuel-efficient engine minimizes harmful emissions
  • Superior traction due to four wheel drive and power shift transmission


  • Self-contained charging system with 4100 kg emulsion payload
  • Ample separate storage capacity for caps and blasting supplies
  • Stainless steel pumping components
  • PLC with “touch screen” controls
  • Safety interlock systems
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Adaptable to explosives manufacturers’ specifications
  • Reliable, proven power train components
  • Four wheel drive carrier
  • Cab location options (forward/midships)


  • Blasthole charging of upholes and downholes
  • Bulk emulsion transport
  • Accurate explosive charging for precision blasting


Length 10.1 m (397”)
Width 2.44 m (96”)
Height 2.59 m (102”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.77 m (227”)
Turning radius (outside) 8.66 m (341”)
Face coverage 10.0 m x 7.3 m (33’ x 24’)
Basket dimensions 0.97 m x 1.83 m (3’ x 6’)
Shipping weight 15,900 kg (35,000 lbs)

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