Mine-Mate™ Series-Attachments


Enhance the utilization and productivity of your MacLean elevated work platforms by leveraging a suite of attachments that provide the ultimate in mine services and construction versatility, safety, and  productivity!

The MacLean Mine-Mate suite of attachments is purpose-built for easy integration that increases productivity, enhances safety, and reduces operating costs. Hetronic wireless remote control allows the operators all-round visibility, thus removing them from potentially dangerous position. A engineered design, quick disconnect system delivers an easy on/off integration with the MacLean SL2 and SL3 Scissor Lifts and MacLean LR3 Boom Lift, which are being used successfully across the underground mining globe.


Available Attachments


CSA Cable Spool
RDA Raised Deck
CPA Cable Pusher
FCA Fan Cradle
FHA Fan Handler
CRA Cable Reeler

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