The MacLean Advantage:

Rugged and reliable, the battery powered MacLean BH3 EV Blockholer is designed to eliminate ore flow blockages in drawpoints without endangering mine workers. The integrated Radio Remote Control (RRC) allows tramming, drilling, and blasting operations to be conducted from safe distances.



  • Oversize is fragmented at source, minimizing draw point damage and ore flow
  • Regenerative braking down-ramp provides up to 35% energy recuperation, and acts as a retarder to reduce excessive wear on service brakes
  • High energy density and cycle life (4,000-14,000 charges @ 80% DOD)
  • Productivity improvements by elimination of non-productive boulder re-handling
  • Boom configuration enables multiple boulders to be drilled from one set up
  • The Radio Remote Control (RRC) system allows drilling and charging hang ups, without the operator getting exposed to the risks of rock fall
  • Provides auxiliary drilling capability for service holes and rock bolting


  • Fully self-contained drilling system; no air or water services necessary
  • Remote explosive loading capability
  • Highly versatile drill feed configuration
  • Compatible with both on-board and off-board charging options
  • Certified ROPS/FOPS open canopy
  • Heavy-duty plate construction with modular tear-down capability four-wheel drive carrier


  • Any underground mine where bulk mining activities generate boulders too large to move, carry, drop through grizzlies or dump into crushers
  • Most effective where multiple draw points allow ore extraction to continue while block hole operations are conducted


  • Empty 12,700 kg (28,000 lbs)
  • Width 2.33 m (92″)
  • Length 10.97 m (432”)
  • Tramming Height 2.8 m (112″)
  • Steering Angle +/- 40°
  • Inside Turning Radius 3.18 m (125″)
  • Outside Turning Radius 5.84 m (230″)


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