The MacLean Advantage:

Battery power, high-reach, resin injection, and/or a seven-foot-wide deck configuration all position the 975 Omnia to offer the signature MacLean safety, durability and productivity in response to varying and evolving ground support requirements and operational business drivers across the global hard rock industry.



  • Regenerative braking down-ramp provides up to 35% energy recuperation, and acts as a retarder to reduce excessive wear on service brakes
  • Charging design carries on-board or off-board charging
  • High energy density and cycle life (4,000-14,000 charges @ 80% DOD)
  • Optimum back coverage of 6 m (20 ft) and wall coverage of 5 m (16.5 ft) wide heading from single setup
  • Operating protocol prevents exposure to loose rock hazards
  • Significant productivity savings (one man operation for bolting and meshing)
  • Accelerates the development cycle
  • Permits drilling and bolt insertion from a safe working environment
  • Eliminates safety hazards of hand-held drilling


  • Self-propelled, high speed four-wheel drive articulated carrier
  • Maximum stinging height of 7.5 m with high-reach deck option
  • 32 m transverse feed travel
  • ROPS/FOPS open canopy
  • Proven heavy-duty scissor lift mechanism
  • Hydraulic positioning, rock drilling/bolting systems
  • Proven heavy duty scissor lift mechanism
  • 3000 lbs. (1361 kg) deck payload capacity
  • Forward-shifting hydraulic deck
  • High-reach deck and resin injection options


  • Long hole drilling for test holes or cable bolting
  • Ability to install a wide range of rock support: mechanical bolts, rebar, friction bolts and screen or wire mesh
  • Mesh/screen manipulation system ensures tight and accurate positioning (necessary for shotcrete spraying applications)
  • Multiple types of ground support hardware can be installed without loss of productivity


  • Empty 24,900 to 26,300 kg (55,000 to 58,000 lbs)
  • Width 2.5 m (102″ )
  • Length 9.7 m (382″ )
  • Tramming Height 2.6 m (102″)
  • Steering Angle +/- 35°
  • Inside Turning Radius 5.49 m (216″)
  • Outside Turning Radius 8.39 m (330)

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