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An illustration of a hydraulic sweeper attachment for an MV.

Hydraulic Sweepers

  • Hydraulic direct drive sweeper – no gears or drive chains
  • Integrated tilt cylinder to adjust head tilt
  • Sweeper head oscillation
  • Integrated storage stands
  • Balanced sweeper head to limit broom coning
  • MV’s adjustable and proportional hydraulics allow for infinite control over sweeper head rotation speed (MTCS60 model with single motor only)
  • Ability to sweep in forward or reverse (MTCS60 model only)
  • Optional wet kit for dust control

  • Sidewalk Sweeping
  • Roadside Sweeping

  • Sweeper Wet Kit (Optional)
    -  Requires associated water tank
  • Dual Motor Option (MTCS60 model only)
    -  Requires second high flow pump and electric control

Overall Width 65” 77" 89"
Operating Width 60” 72" 84"
Brush Diameter 10” ID, 32” OD
Angle 35.8o
Brush Composition Poly & Wire Combo (Wafer Style)

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