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MacLean Engineering

An illustration of a Drop Sander attachement for an MV.

5/8 Yard Drop Spreader

  • Integrated hazard, brake, and reverse lights
  • Hydraulic drive, drum and cam drop sander
  • Manual adjustment lever
  • Safety screen to shield moving components and prevent ingress of material into the sander
  • Remote mounted grease fittings
  • Hydraulic quick disconnects with cab mounted flow controls
  • Adjustable and stowable storage stands

  • Sidewalk sanding or salting

  • MV as equipped

 MacLean 5/8 Yard Drop Spreader
Capacity 5/8 (0.625) Cubic Yard
Width 43”
Height 36.5”
Lights Brake, Signal, Reverse
Approximate Weight 390 lbs.


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