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MacLean Engineering

Mine-Mate™ Series WS3-Water Sprayer

Close cut image on a white background of a Mine-Mate™ Series WS3-Water Sprayer, rear-side view.

High-performance housekeeping for the underground environment.

The MacLean Advantage:

Today’s fast track mining methods require a dust-free environment. The MacLean Mine-Mate™ Series WS3 Water Sprayer is equipped with three spray bars for high-performance dust control, helping to maintain respiratory health and proper engine function underground.

  • Significant water capacity and nozzle placement to ensure maximum dust suppression effectiveness
  • Long life power train using industry-proven components
  • Clean-burning, fuel-efficient engine minimizes harmful emissions
  • Low-cost, dependable mine supply vehicle
  • Ease of maintenance with electronic engine diagnostics, accessible fuel filling and grease points
  • Superior traction due to four-wheel drive and Powershift transmission

  • Options CSA rated ROPS & FOPS canopy or enclosed cabin
  • Spring-applied, hydraulic-released service, park and emergency brake
  • Automatic Brake Application (ABA) with manual reset
  • Anti-slip dimple plate on all step surfaces and three-point contact on all climbing areas
  • Automatic back-up alarm
  • Option Ansul fire suppression and Checkfire fire detection
  • Option hand-held fire extinguisher

Length 8.43 m (332”)
Width 2.44 m (96”)
Height 2.52 m (99”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.71 m (225”)
Turning radius (outside) 8.61 m (339”)
Shipping weight 15,900 kg (35,000 lbs)

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