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Auto Explosive Charger

Image of an Auto Explosive Charger in a mine pit.

The MacLean Advantage:

MacLean has refined its Secondary Breaking rigs to perfect the art of safe drilling and charging. The new rig offers striking improvements for releasing trapped ore from both drawpoint hang-ups in block cave mines and fragments too large to muck with LHDs.

The Auto Explosive Charger, an innovative combination of loading carousel, control package, and Human-Machine Interface (HMI), facilitates the loading of multiple wireless explosive charges. This eliminates lead-lines or connecting wires, promoting communication through rock, air, and water to initiate blasts. All this to achieve what’s most important: providing a safe and efficient mining environment.

And to augment the benefits of the Auto Explosive Charger package , a new, value-packed feature, the MacLean IQ Series Tele-Remote control, can be customized to meet your unique underground mining needs. This cutting-edge technology offers your operators the best ‘no boots on ground’ mining experience possible. It reduces exposure to potential explosive hazards while loading and assures you safe and efficient operation. This innovative solution package is now available on MacLean BH3 Blockholers and medium-reach Secondary Breakers.


  • Superior ore flow leading to improved mill throughput and daily fleet utilization
  • Substantial reduction in time to release a blocked drawpoint with a hang-up and conversion to an active drawpoint
  • Designed for ‘No boots on ground’ application capability in the underground environment, enhancing health, safety, and ergonomics

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