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Mining: Ore Flow

MacLean’s full suite of bULk MINING solutions

With the increasing prevalence of bulk mining (block and sublevel caving) and the large ore volumes it generates, oversized hang-ups present correspondingly significant challenges to ore flow for mine operators.

MacLean’s comprehensive suite of ore flow solutions starts with Water Cannons as a first line of attack to bring down hang ups; it progresses to high, medium, and low-reach Blockholer drills for persistent hang-ups and secondary breaking; then moves to the Mobile Rock Breaker for fragmenting the oversize at source without blasting; and, finally, the mine cycle is completed by pedestal-mounted grizzly breakers for oversize reduction at ore passes.

Water Cannons Mining

Ore Flow16098

The Master Blaster.

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RB3–Mobile Rockbreaker

Ore Flow10339

The groundbreaker.

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SB9 & SB12-Secondary Breakers

Ore Flow9966

High hang-up innovators.

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BH2 & BH3-Blockholers

Ore Flow13842

Ore flow facilitators / blockage warriors.

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