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CB3–Cable Bolter


Taking ground support to new heights.

The MacLean Advantage:

The MacLean CB3 is a one-stop, mechanized solution for cable bolt insertion and grouting. With the CB3, operators no longer have to endure the strain and fatigue of repetitively pushing cable lengths by hand – the integrated boom basket, cable feed mechanism, and grout pump design delivers productivity, safety and ergonomics for all hard rock cable bolting needs.

  • Ergonomics:
    • Eliminates repetitive strain and fatigue of pushing of cable bolts by hand
    • Ergonomically positioned grout pump & materials for operators
  • Productivity / Versatility:
    • Can bolt and grout in drift walls, back and face using pre-cut single, double, or bulb cables
    • No cable length limitation
    • Material storage for all cable insertion, grouting and tensioning activities

  • Self-Propelled, 4 wheel drive articulated carrier
  • Boom to 5.8m (225”) reach (max extension)
  • Multi-positional cable feeder head
  • Hydraulically driven grout pump

  • All hard rock cable bolting needs: drift walls, back and face

Length 10.62m (418”)
Width 2.50m (98”)
Height 2.44m (98”)
Turning radius (inside) 5.77m (227”)
Turning radius (outside) 8.66m (341”)
Face Coverage 10.0m x 7.3m (33” x 24’)
Basket Dimensions 0.97m x 1.83m (38” x x72”)
Shipping weight 15,900kg (35,000 lbs)

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