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MacLean Engineering

MDA-8 & MDA-12 Excavator Rock Drills

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Bringing mine-quality performance and durability, above ground.

The MacLean Advantage:

The MacLean MDA Excavator Rock Drills are a valuable addition to your fleet. From quarrying operations, to secondary breaking, to construction drilling, the MDA Excavator Rock Drill can do it all. Mounted on a Mini-Excavator or Tractor Loader Backhoe, the MDA drill is a value-based unit.

  • Joy AL67 Drifter – These reliable pneumatic drills are the rock drills of preference for commercial mining applications. The drills are used extensively by Vale-INCO Limited and Xstrata Ltd. in their underground mining operations throughout Canada.
  • Adjustable Feed Pressure – The MacLean MDA Drill Feed features adjustable feed pressure. Just set the pressure for the rock conditions and begin drilling!
  • Adjustable Feed Swing – The MacLean MDA Drill features adjustable feed swing for drilling on angles or hills. The drill will swing approximately 15 degrees either way of center.
  • In Cab Controls – The MDA Drill is controlled from within the operator cab, in addition to the standard feed mounted controls. With an enclosed cab the operator is free from any dust, debris, and noise. Simply engage the flushing air, turn on the drill, and advance the feed; and you are drilling!
  • Quick Connect – Should it be needed, the MDA Drill is fully removable with two pins, two hydraulic quick disconnects, and one electrical quick disconnect.

Drill Steel Capacity 8 Foot Drill Steel
1” Hex x 4.25” Shank – R25
 12 Foot Drill Steel
1” Hex x 4.25” Shank – R25
Drill Saddle Travel 2.3M (90”)  3.5M (138”)
Drill Hole Diameter 33mm to 51mm (1.375 to 2”)  33mm to 51mm (1.375 to 2”)
Drifter Make Joy AL67  Joy AL67
Air Requirements 225CFM @90psi 225CFM @90psi
Hydraulic Requirements 2-4GPM @ 3600psi 2-4GPM @ 3600psi
Electric Requirements 12v @ 2 amperes 12v @ 2 amperes
Approx. Weight 295kgs (650lbs) 330kgs (725lbs)

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