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Introducing HazPak: Practical solution to a global problem

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A MacLean solution for the environment

The engineering design team at MacLean Engineering spent several years developing the idea of a zero-waste solution for aerosol and high-pressure propellant containers. The technology needed to have the capacity to recycle bulk amounts of cans efficiently, while keeping the MacLean standards of safety and quality. We are proud to announce we have achieved this goal through our HazPak system.

HazPak captures liquids and gases in their entirety, preparing them for waste-to-energy applications in a near zero emissions environment. Steel and aluminum bricks are ejected from the machine as non-hazardous materials and are accepted at scrap metal businesses around the world.

With eight installations in operation, each HazPak is tailored to our customer’s unique, site-specific requirements, resulting in no two machines being the same. Whether you have strict environmental regulations, limited facility space or unique recycling volumes, our team will make sure each condition is met.


You can rest easy knowing that HazPak keeps hazardous waste out of landfills, eliminates greenhouse gases, and harnesses the benefits of waste-to-energy with the remaining product propellant.

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