Long Tom

Our Long Tom rigs have been around for over twenty years, and are still in demand due to their simplicity and cost effectiveness. Designed to alleviate the negative aspects of hand held drilling and to improve drilling productivity.



• Removes physical effort when: lifting drill, collaring hole, maintaining alignment, moving from hole to hole, changing steel
• Drills a 1800mm hole in one pass
• Eliminates air leg slippage
• Eliminates hazards due to steel breakage
• Unit drives to the face ready to drill
• Simple air leg type maintenance


• A cost effective solution that eliminates or reduces the following negative aspects of handheld drilling in trackless areas:
– Hard physical labour on uneven terrain
– High injury frequency, especially strains
– Low productivity with inexperienced crews
– Reduced pull due to hole misalignment

• The Long Tom drilling system mounted on a rubber-tired mine carrier solves all the above problems and offers low maintenance costs, safe operation and increased drilling achievement per manshift
• Rail mounted systems on application


• Sub-level development
• Drawpoint development
• Silling of stopes
• Mechanized undercut & fill
• Thin seam room & pillar
• Cut & tight fill mining
• Undercutting block caving
• Broken, friable or slip filled drilling

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