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Image of an underground mining operation. There is a tunnel with one of Maclean's Scissor Lifts jutting out of it. A construction miner is on the top of the lift working on a ventilation fan. At right, there is an inset image of one of Maclean's shotcrete sprayers on a dark green transparent vertical bar with the wording Mining above it.

As an underground mining equipment supplier, our commitment to mining safety and productivity runs deep.

Mining equipment supplier. Image of a miner in an underground mining tunnel. There is mining equipment behind him.The early years at MacLean Engineering as an underground mining equipment supplier saw the industry introduction of the Long Tom drill and the Blockholer, followed by the Scissor Bolter in the 1980s, and then Utility Vehicles in 2005.

The rugged Mine-Mate™ Series of Underground Utility Vehicles is one of the largest fleets of its kind.  MacLean offers most utility vehicles in two sizes to service customers’ mining needs. In 2010, MacLean Engineering introduced a line of scissor lift attachments to facilitate the installation of mine supply lines and ventilation fans. When mounted on the SL3 Scissor Lift, either the Mine-Mate™ Fan or Pipe Handler attachments are capable of lifting pipes and ventilation fans from the ground, transporting them to their destination and raising/manipulating them into position. With the convenience of the elevated work platform and forward and side shift option, this eliminates the need for multiple vehicles and allows for further installation coverage. The operator can maintain a safe distance when operating the Mine-Mate™ Series Attachments with the wireless remote control.

MacLean Engineering also offers a machine with multi-functional, interchangeable cassettes that latch on to the prime-mover CS3 Cassette Truck. The cassettes are equipped with a simple latching system with four rugged jacks that align and connect directly into the frame.  Similar to the Mine-Mate™ Series Attachments, the CS3 Cassette System has multi-port quick connects for hydraulic ports and electrical connectors which make for an efficient single-person set-up. MacLean has a wide range of cassettes including a flat deck, boom truck, transmixer, fuel/lube, fuel tanker, personnel carrier, water tanker, emulsion loading deck, mechanics deck and petrotac sprayer.

The company has recently added other machines to its suite of underground equipment solutions, across the ground support, ore flow, and utility vehicles lines - the WC2 and WC3 Water Cannons, the RB3 Rockbreaker, and the CB3 Cable Bolter and CPA Cable Pusher Attachment, along the development of a suite of battery tramming/battery operating vehicles.


Close cut image of a Series 900-Scissor Bolter. 
Ground Support
Close cut image of a Secondary Breaker.
Ore Flow Facilitation
Close cut image of a Long Tom.
Close cut image of a Mine-Mate™ Series CS3-Cassette Truck.
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