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MacLean attachments are the perfect partner for your machines

MacLean attachments are the perfect partner for your machines

MacLean Engineering has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to the global mining industry for almost 50 years now. The MacLean product suite includes platform and utility bolters, shotcrete sprayers and transmixers in the ground support category; remote operated blockholer drills, mobile rock breakers and water cannons in the ore flow/secondary reduction category; and, Mine-MateTM scissor lifts, boom lifts, boom trucks, ANFO/emulsion chargers, personnel carriers, fuel/lube trucks, and cassette trucks.

MacLean continues to play a pivotal role in offering zero emissions, low maintenance, low heat, low noise battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to the underground mining industry. It won’t be long before the mining companies transition to BEVs considering not only the long-term savings from reduced ventilation but also the diesel exhaust-free work environment.

Mine Mate Fan Handler AttachmentAnother potential area where MacLean has been successful is its ability to offer a wide range of equipment attachments designed for specific underground applications - fan handlers, pipe handlers, and a cable reel pusher.

The lifting and moving of heavy objects is a common occurrence at all underground mine sites. Mechanizing this process reduces the chances of a mishap while improving the productivity and utilization of the equipment. The MacLean suite of attachments are purpose-built for easy integration and top performance on the MacLean scissor trucks (SL2 & SL3) and boom lift (LR3), which are being used successfully across the hard rock mining globe.

To illustrate an example, one of our customers was facing an issue with moving pipe on a mine site. Underground mine piping is ergonomically challenging to manipulate and can pose a hazard if dropped or mishandled. It was this specific risk profile that brought MacLean to work with one of our customers to develop a Pipe Handler Attachment, capable of manipulating 8-inch by 20-foot, schedule 80 pipe. Once offloaded, the Pipe Handler’s hydraulic jaws grab the pipe from the side of the drift and effectively and safely position it for installation in a one-machine, one-operator process.

A quick, 15-minute install onto the deck of your MacLean scissor truck deck, and you have a purpose-built, mine-rugged pipe manipulator available to you. This is an exemplary example of how MacLean quickly came to the rescue of the customer and developed something that was safer and more efficient for the real-world mining environment.

No more sudden, inadvertent movements to watch out for when the lifting device slips on the pipe.

The above example is one of many. Discover how an attachment by MacLean can help improve your operations underground. To learn more, e-mail us at:


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