On the subject of required reading (and nothing to do with your book club)

When we launched our cloud-based MacLean-Documoto platform last year, we knew our customers would be excited about the change because it offered up accessible, secure, and user-friendly access interface to fleet documentation and online parts ordering. 

Over 1,200 MacLean mining vehicles have now been added to the e-library, which is not only a research tool for parts books, operator’s guides, and maintenance manuals, it also offers up a retail-like aftermarket online shopping environment. For maintenance planners, maintenance crews, procurement staff, and site management, it’s a one-stop-shop online where connectivity exists, and for non-connected environments, it offers up the ability to rapidly export PDF documents and take them underground. 

What we didn’t realize while planning the first phase of rollout to our Canadian customer base, was the importance of the platform in terms of addressing a gap in our risk communications process. Before MacLean-Documoto, any customer communication with safety implications, be it a high priority Hazard Alert or a lower priority, but still important, Product Service Bulletin, was distributed via email with a PDF attachment. 

Of course, adding to the mountain of unread email in the work world’s collective inbox is not what we want to be doing with our risk communications. Then along comes Documoto, where online parts shopping capability was the catalyst for our change internally at MacLean, and with it came mandatory read-throughs of newly posted alerts and bulletins, upon each and every user login. So overnight we had a way to give these types of communications the prominence they deserve and, just as importantly, the ability to track readership. 

Not exactly an unintended consequence, more like an unexpectedly substantive side-benefit! One small but important example of incremental improvement in our service and support offering. 

Do you want to know more? 

If you have not been introduced to our MacLean-Documoto portal yet, or want to know more about anything mentioned in this article, please reach out to us at: info@macleanengineering.com


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