A MacLean environmental solution takes flight across the pond

Close cut image of the MacLean's HazPakTM technology system.Building mechanized solutions for the underground environment is how the MacLean brand has been established over the past four decades. Now the MacLean flag of performance, innovation and quality is being flown in England, at the Grundon Hazardous Waste Transfer Station in the South Oxfordshire village of Ewelme:

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The MacLean HazPakTM technology is a complete, turn-key system for the safe and efficient disposal of aerosol cans and hazardous waste, using an inert nitrogen technology that is exclusive to MacLean and considered Best Available Technology (BAT) in the industry. Unlike the Carbon Capture process that only captures the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that gasses emit, HazPak captures gasses in their entirety, preparing them for waste-to-energy applications in a zero emissions environment.

MacLean Engineering and the environment: a match purpose-built for innovative, practical solutions.